“Landscheidt is an astrologer”

I knew this issue would probably arise, so I might as well deal with it now.

I am quite aware that Dr Landscheidt studied astrology, as did Nicolas Copernicus, Johannes Kepler, Tycho Brahe, Issac Newton, and many other luminaries of science, so I would say that puts him in some pretty good company!

The fact of the matter is that I have also studied astrology – I think it goes with the territory of having intense curiousity about the universe and an open mind – but having done so I do not buy into the popularist and fatalist versions, but concede that there may indeed be “something in it”, especially in the sense that planetary cycles have been shown to effect the behaviour of the Sun, and in doing so the climate on the Earth.

Let me say right up front that I am not going to be investigating Dr Landscheidt’s more esoteric astrological material here on this blog, but rather will in the main be focussing on his solar cycle work which does have a physical basis, and which can be tested and verified or falsified, so therefore qualifies as science, no matter what some may think of his other interests.

As I have seen many of Dr Landscheidt’s climate predictions come to pass, along with a few misses, I consider his predictive material for solar activity and climate does have some merit, and is therefore worthy of further investigation.

Edit Note: Steve M deleted the offending comment on ClimateAudit the quote above was originally from, so I have removed the link and the comment from here, and shortened the reference in the title to just a generic version of the key phrase.


12 comments on ““Landscheidt is an astrologer”

  1. http://kspark.kaist.ac.kr/Jesus/Intelligence%20&%20religion.htm

    This site looks at various studies and suggests perhaps 7% to 40% of scientists (some data may be restricted to Americans) believe in other systems of belief based upon essentially untestable hypotheses. Contradictory hypotheses might I add. Astrology hasn’t caused all that many people to be burned at the stake in the last 1000 years or so, unlike some of the other beief systems out there among scientists.

  2. Yes Joe, of course you are quite correct.

    Beliefs can have serious consequencies if the holders wish to try to force others to accept them – perhaps the worst offenders are those who believe they have a right to purge the world of those who see things differently.


  3. One must always keep in mind that before the adoption of the Scientific Method, Astrology WAS a big part of science, along with Alchemy, and other approaches to understanding nature. The fact that Landschiedt sudied this speaks for his intelectual curiousity into the roots of his profession. Many of the ideas that led to the science of astronomy originated in astrology.
    For me this adds to his stature, not detracting from it.

  4. I take Dr. Landscheidt’s investigations in the vein of those of a philosopher of science, much like Bacon or Newton; an irrepressible intellect, unbound by the limits of any particular paradigm. While I’ve no interest in astrology per se, I nonetheless find reasonable the possibility that it, in some imprecise sense, is a repository of eons of observation on the part of our species.
    The wikipedian revisionist historians meant the appellation as slander but anyone of like interest, seeking out ‘what is real’, as that which possessed the Dr., will recognize his spirit.

  5. The fact that he explored all aspects of Astrology shows a man with an open mind. I can name a lot of other considerations that may have more social acceptance but are of the same character. I wrote a paper in High School about electromagnetism in biological systems and included dowsing and ‘out of body’ experiences in my discussion. (My father mentions his appreciation of this little piece of work to my annoyance šŸ˜‰ )

    I have no problem with his exploration of astrology in all its aspects. It takes nothing away from the science.

    Statistical Analysis and Computer Modeling using statistical regression methods without any exploration or understanding of causation is a concern for me however and the scientific community is rife with this multiple ‘dead end’ analysis.

    Landscheid used statistics properly to establish clues for possible relationships and then studied evidence of feedback which probably fed his love of cycling relationships but in the end he looked for causality.

    Most of science has forgotten that the ultimate goal of inquiry is to understand, not only to divine using statistics. Landscheidt sought understanding.

  6. A major point, to my mind, would be that the British Royal Family (I pick them as I am most familiar with their practices and am aware that they are not only not alone but are not in a minority when it comes to their peers) have, on permanent retainer, an astrologer (Astrologer Royal being no longer PC) whose most recent (that is, open to publicly scrutiny) advice meant that the Queen Mother was kept above ground after her death for an almost record period before the “auspices” were correct for a Royal burial.
    I acknowledge that the elite cover all possible bases but there is just too much evidence for me to dismiss astrology as a useful device employed solely by cranks.

    The mainstream dislike for “the planets done it” is soon to suffer a gigantic blow in the form of repeatable analysis of the periodicity and cyclicity of the planetary influence on the sun. Even NASA are beginning to release peer reviewed work that proves Dr Landscheidt was on the right track. There truly are “more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy”

  7. Dr Landscheidt’s analysis is very professional and done with outstanding scientific credentials. To label him as an Astrologer would be like labeling any person who has attend a circus as clown. Much of the information on global warming provided by the IPCC and the climate models they use have been proven wrong or unscientific. It is time that all reseach on climate change be done by using the scientific method and having all information peer reviewed by credible scientist. This has not been done by the IPCC.

  8. I was looking for a research paper relating Science (Biology, that is) and Astrology..
    So that a scientifically acclaimed base can be give to people who ask for proofs..
    Astro-Disease theraupatics.

    id be glad if im helped on it..

  9. Duh…As Doug Danhoff and Garu Gulrud remind me, Newton was an astrologer, alchemist, and numerologist. Should we discredit Newtonian mechanics because he believed in other things mainstream 21st century science now regards as “crazy”? Maybe he understood some metaphors that modern scientists are too dull to comprehend.

    Personally, I don’t happen to believe in any of these things, in their literal common usages, but also I think that these sorts of arguments, even when they are true, are typically ways for critics of a particular line of inquiry to avoid dealing with that inquiry on its merits. They can’t be bothered….Landscheidt is an “astrologer.”

    Give me a break. This may be effective politics. Its certainly not science, or even authentic human inquiry….

    Great work, Carl. I am reading and trying to get my physics and astronomy up to speed to comprehend more fully. Even my very tiny comprehension makes me think you’re on the right track.

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