Vale Carl Smith.

Wednesday 24th June 2009 at 3:35pm at Gold Coast Hospital (Wed gold coast time) Carl Smith lost his battle with cancer. Its a very sad day for his family, friends, associates and myself. I didnt have a lot to do with Carl and respected his wish of not interrupting the remaining quality time that was left for him.

Carl will be sadly missed and I know a lot of people have spoken highly of him. Carl was the originator of this website and only gave up the day to day running when he learned of his severe illness. He will be remembered for perhaps making the biggest discovery in the Planetary Theory Arena, Jose and Landscheidt were in the ballpark but Carl nailed it with his Angular Momentum graph that today allows us to predict solar activity and Grand Minimum down to the solar cycle.

I will continue to progress Carl’s work , he was a great man.

May I pass on sincere condolences from us all to the Smith Family.

Geoff Sharp.

UPDATE:25 july 2009

Carl’s brother Dave is keen to ensure that Carl’s work wont be wasted. I personally wont let that happen and consider myself with a new life’s work.

Dave has kindly donated a new domain and webspace to further this cause which will be run in conjunction with the original landsheidt auditblogs site.

The new site will be a showcase for Carl’s discovery and the further work I intend to do on the same topic. The site has all the bells and whistles and I encourage all to register.

The new site can be found here:


200 Year Solar Cycle Prediction

Predicting solar cycle modulation using angular momentum is relatively easy, but like any prediction it needs to be tested. Interested parties who rely on solar activity predictions might like to make a copy for future reference and compare with the regular methods of prediction which typically only go out for one cycle, which can hamper long term planning in some industries.

One thing we cannot predict is solar cycle length, so this prediction is more about modulation rather than precise timing of upcoming solar cycles. One other factor in play is whether “Wilson’s Law” will contribute to future grand minima, by 2190 I predict we will know the mechanics of this law. As can be seen here and on the 11000 year 14C graph there are no high solar activity peaks at times of low angular momentum.

There is a possible case for a repeat of the 1870 type reduction in solar activity at 2050, but this time around the disturbance is very weak as the Jupiter/Saturn angles continue to weaken. On most occasions we are presented with 3 disturbances per cycle but in the current cycle we may only get 2, SC28 & SC29 remain the subject of more research.

Below is Carl’s now famous original graph showing angular momentum in a different form. The green arrows showing times of angular momentum disturbance.