Vale Carl Smith.

Wednesday 24th June 2009 at 3:35pm at Gold Coast Hospital (Wed gold coast time) Carl Smith lost his battle with cancer. Its a very sad day for his family, friends, associates and myself. I didnt have a lot to do with Carl and respected his wish of not interrupting the remaining quality time that was left for him.

Carl will be sadly missed and I know a lot of people have spoken highly of him. Carl was the originator of this website and only gave up the day to day running when he learned of his severe illness. He will be remembered for perhaps making the biggest discovery in the Planetary Theory Arena, Jose and Landscheidt were in the ballpark but Carl nailed it with his Angular Momentum graph that today allows us to predict solar activity and Grand Minimum down to the solar cycle.

I will continue to progress Carl’s work , he was a great man.

May I pass on sincere condolences from us all to the Smith Family.

Geoff Sharp.

UPDATE:25 july 2009

Carl’s brother Dave is keen to ensure that Carl’s work wont be wasted. I personally wont let that happen and consider myself with a new life’s work.

Dave has kindly donated a new domain and webspace to further this cause which will be run in conjunction with the original landsheidt auditblogs site.

The new site will be a showcase for Carl’s discovery and the further work I intend to do on the same topic. The site has all the bells and whistles and I encourage all to register.

The new site can be found here:


8 comments on “Vale Carl Smith.

  1. Dear Geoffrey Sharp
    It is sad Carl Smith passed away. He was a true pioneer in the field of solar and planetary system science. I wish him all the best on his journey into infinity + eternity.
    On the other hand it is highly enjoyable you will continue his work and keep this blog up and running. Thank you very much for this !
    Best Regards, Stefan Flueler, Zurich, Switzerland

  2. It is sad news… Though I never had the priviledge of meeting him in person, Carl was a “mate”. Carl was a long time poster on, and a key member of that community. He will be sorely missed there.;f=3;t=004228

    Though I don’t post up here, thank you Geoff for taking up this blog and making it what Carl would have liked to do. I think you are doing him proud.

    Rest in peace Carl.

  3. Dear Geoff,

    This is terribly sad news please pass on my sincere condolences too, Carl contributed enormously to this field of science and he will be greatly missed. May he Rest In Peace.

    I know you will continue to advance this most interesting line of work and advance this excellent blog. To that end you may not have seen a very interesting post from Jeff Id over at the Air Vent which may be of interest:

    Best Regards Paul UK

    REPLY: Thanks for the link Paul, Dr. Scafetta looks to be backing up my findings on the link in AM to solar output, which all became clear thru Carl’s graph. This will be interesting to watch.

  4. It is also worth pointing now that December 2008 is gaining tenure as the month of 24 minimum, that this was Carl’s prediction July 2007(if not earlier) in the archives.

  5. A huge “THANK YOU” to Geoff, who has done a splendid job of producing the “Beyond Landscheidt” site both in memory of and continuing the work of my brother Carl.

    For everyone’s kind words and condolences, a hearty thanks also, on behalf of the whole family, which is huge. It is both very moving and humbling to see the respect and honour with which Carl is remembered.

    When Carl first became ill he told me of a scientist abroad (possibly in Germany? though I’m unsure) with whom he was to jointly research and write a scientific paper to be published. Obviously this did not come to fruition, but if that person reads this or if any readers know the person to whom I am referring, I would like to make contact with same as I have all of Carl’s work copied and in mothballs. I can be contacted at if anyone can help.

    Cheers, Dave Smith.

    REPLY: My pleasure Dave.

  6. Carl has been of immeasurable aid in helping me understand the relationships between the planets and Earth’s weather patterns. He made several comments in this forum,( )in support of my analog weather forecast method. Carl helped me to find inner planetary relationships that drive the weather….

    My current thoughts as a result….

    It is not the center of mass of the Earth that scribes the orbital path of the Earth about the sun but the center of mass of the composite Earth / moon barycenter that lies about 1,200 kilometers off of the center of mass of the Earth, always positioned between the center of the earth and the center of the Moon. So as the Moon rotates around the earth to create the lunar light phases, the center of mass of the earth goes from inside to out side, around the common barycenter. As the Moon moves North / South in it’s declination, the center of mass of the earth goes the opposite direction to counter balance, around their common barycenter that scribes the smooth ellipse of the orbit around the sun. So really the Earth makes 13 loops like a strung out spring every year.

    The magnetic impulses in the solar wind has driven the Moon / Earth into the declinational dance that creates the tides in phase in the atmosphere, because of the pendulum type movement the Moon hangs at the extremes of declination almost three days with in a couple of degrees then makes a fast sweep across the equator at up to 7 to 9 degrees per day. At these culminations of declination movement the polarity of the solar wind peaks and reverses, causing a surge in the reversal of the ion flux generated as a result. Because of the combination of both peak of Meridian flow surge in the atmosphere, and reversal of ion charge gradient globally occurs at the same time like clock work most severe weather occurs at these times.

    Because of the semi boundary conditions caused by mountain ranges, the Rockies, Andes, Urals, Alps, Himalayas, that resulted in topographical forcing into a four fold pattern of types of Jet stream patterns, I had to use not a 27.325 day period but a 109.3 day period to synchronize the lunar declinational patterns into the data to get clearer repeatability than the same data set filtered by Lunar phase alone.

    There is a pattern of 6554 days where in the inner planets, Mars, Earth, Venus, and Mercury, make an even number of orbital revolutions, and return to almost the same relative position to the star field.

    By adding 4 days to this period I get 6558 days the time it takes the Moon to have 240 declinational cycles of 27.325 days, so that by using 6558 days as a synchronization period I get the lunar Declination angle, lunar phase, perigee / apogee cycle, and the relative positions of the inner planets to align from the past three (6558 day) cycles well enough that the average of the temperatures, and the totals of the precipitations give a picture of the repeating pattern, from the last three to forecast the next almost 18 year long string of weather related events, with a better accuracy than the forecast available for three to five days from NOW from conventional NWS / NOAA sources.

    So by looking at the periods of declinational movement and the four fold pattern of Rossby wave propagation, while maintaining the inner planet synchronization. I get all of these influences in sync to look almost the same, as the current conditions, even to periods of hail, and tornado production.

    When the outer planets are added into the mix, they are out of phase in regard to the inner planet / Lunar patterns, and their influences are not in Sync with these background patterns. There are lines of magnetic force that connect each planet to the sun, and these revolve around with the planets naturally.

    As the Earth’s orbit takes it between these outer planets and the sun (at Synodic conjunctions), the increase in magnetic fields carried via the solar wind, (to effect this outer planet coupling) is felt upon the Earth’s magnetosphere, and results in a temporary increase in the pole to equator charge gradient then a discharge back to ambient levels (about a two week long up then down cycle time), how this interferes or combines with the “usual lunar / inner planet patterns” is determined by whether it is in, or out of phase with the background patterns.

    During normal charge cycles more moisture is driven into the atmosphere carrying positive Ions, along the ITCZ, and in discharge cycle phases waves of free electrons, and negative ions are sent down from the poles into the mid-latitudes. Charge cycles inhibit precipitation amounts and discharge cycles produce increased precipitation amounts along existing frontal boundaries, due to changes in residual ion charge differences between the air masses.

    There is a seasonal increase in magnetic fields coupled from the center of out galaxy to the sun that peaks in mid June (summer solstice), and then decreases till winter solstice. As the magnetic charging cycle associated with this build up in Northern hemisphere Spring, it brings on a bias for surges of positive ionized air masses, that produces surges of tornadoes in phase with the lunar declinational culminations, and other severe weather, will also be enhanced by Synodic conjunctions with outer planets, by the same increases of positively charged ions. The closer the timing of the conjunction to a peak lunar culmination the sharper the spike of production, like cracking a whip.

    During discharge phases from summer solstice through fall in general, tropical storms manifest as large scale discharge patterns to ring the moisture, heat, and excess ions out of the tropical air masses. Outer planets conjunctions at these times help to build moisture reserves in the atmosphere, during their ion charge contribution, and enhance storms to category 4 and 5 levels when in phase with their discharge phase influences. So to say that the planets have no real influence on the world in general, is the same as to totally disregard how much the weather, effects how people live and survive.

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