Solar Cycle Induced by Rotating Medium.

Bart Leplae has a new paper published in the General Science Journal that proposes a new method of spin orbit coupling that could be responsible for rotation changes at the Sun. Bart outlines a few principles in his introduction.

• Scientific Publication: “Does a Spin–Orbit Coupling Between
the Sun and the Jovian Planets Govern the Solar Cycle?”
(I. R. G. Wilson, B. D. Carter, and I. A. Waite, 2007):
– Presents evidence to show that changes in the Sun’s equatorial
rotation rate are synchronized with changes in its orbital motion
about the barycentre of the Solar System
– Proposes that this synchronization is indicative of a spin–orbit
coupling mechanism operating between the Jovian planets and
the Sun
– While data are consistent with the idea that there is a spin–orbit
coupling between Jupiter and the Sun, it does not tell anything
about the true nature of the underlying mechanism that might
be causing this coupling
• This paper proposes the Rotating Medium Model as the
underlying mechanism for the Spin-Orbit Coupling.

A link for the paper can be found at

The paper does not explain how planetary alignment might affect solar rotation rates during solar grand minima but other points might be of interest to readers. Comments and discussion is encouraged.