A Solar Step Change during late 2005?

ap step change 2005

Anthony Watts from WUWT has been harping on about the AP index step change during late 2005 nearly as long as me in regard to my own solar theory. But there are other events and data that seem to correspond very closely.

I have commented on the solar Angular Momentum change that occurs at the same time previously, but today while researching the “L&P Effect” I came across some amazing graphs. The graphs come from a presentation from Nagovitsyn, Pevtsov and Livingston (Bill) that I think displays Russian CRAO spot data that shows all sunspot size groups also experience a step change around late 2005.

livingston and Penn L&P effect

All four spot sizes reverse their current trends at late 2005 as if a flip was switched.

Now lets look further at the AM and solar path graphs of the same time frame.


Late 2005 the Sun enters its perturbed orbit about the SSB, this orbit is unusual and only occurs during solar slowdown. This has not happened since SC20 which was a weak cycle but the AM perturbation was late and weak. Before that we need to go to the Dalton Minimum cycles. If we look at Carl’s graph the unusual solar perturbation is also seen around late 2005.

amp event

The AMP event shown above is what caused the orbit change, too many coincidences going on here perhaps?