Website Paper Published.

After much encouragement from Nicola Scafetta and others I have finally produced a document that summarizes the articles on this site in a scientific format. The document is 15 pages in PDF format and hopefully will enable easier understanding of the entire theory presented on this site.

The paper was published May 31 2010 in Physics/Geophysics, Cornell University Library.

Thanks to G. E. Pease for providing peer review and content.

Also many thanks to Nicola Scafetta for providing advice and initial peer review.

Download PDF file (2.4mb)

3 comments on “Website Paper Published.

  1. I have some trouble understanding your quantification of the AM perturbation. I would suggest that the Suns magnetic field strength is a more fundamental indicator of solar activity than SSN. How does it look if you plot Sun – SSB Torque against the historic Be numbers combined with say the Cosmic ray counts for the last 60 years or so. This should give you the relationship of torque to Solar magnetic field strength directly. This would also give you a direct Sun – earth climate connection via the Cosmic ray – cloud albedo relationship of Svensmark.Could you post a torque v Be plot somewhere? It might be very illuminating. Best Regards Norman Page Houston 713 467 8709

    REPLY: The torque plots are almost identical to the AM plots, the difference being the way the perturbation is displayed. The overall trends are identical.
    You have a point about the differences in magnetic output and SSN, and EUV values also have a trend of their own. The underlying driver is still singular I think, just affecting each output slightly different.

  2. I think the driver is torsion in the sun caused by the the varying rate of change of angular momentum.There may also be electromagnetic effects caused by spinning space time. Regards Norman Page.

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