About this blog

The purpose of this blog is to investigate and expand on the research methods of Dr Theodor Landscheidt who, building on the work of various scientists, developed some interesting mathematical models concerning the role of the relationship between the Centre of Mass of the Solar System and the Centre of the Sun on cycles of solar activity and their effects on the Earth’s climate – for a brief summary of Dr Landscheidt’s work see So, What’s New In Our Universe?

Note that the Centre of Mass of the Solar System is more often called the “Solar System Barycenter” (SSB) if searching for further information about it.

To facilitate research, I have posted a page of links to all the online papers by Dr Landscheidt I have so far found, and also welcome any additional links to Dr Landscheidt’s work that anyone knows about.

I have also put a 6000 yr ephemeris of the SSB online to facilite investigation of his work.

I welcome input from anyone interested in Dr Landscheidt’s work.

Carl Smith.



4 comments on “About this blog

  1. Hello

    I downloaded and then tried to open the Ephemeris Data using MS Excel for Windows but was not able to do so. Can you help? Thanks

    Dave Smolker

    REPLY: Try opening the file in notepad, then save as a txt file.

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