Landsheidt Blog Admin Change

Due to my ongoing ill health while fighting a very aggressive cancer, I simply do not have time to do any justice to the work that needs to be done in furthering what Dr Landsheidt and many others were/are exploring with regards to Solar Activity Cycles and Extraterrestrial Influences on the Earth’s Climate.

As a consequence I put out an appeal for blog Administration assistance, and I am both thankful and happy to say that Geoff Sharp now has full Admin privileges assigned for this blog, and I am henceforth handing over the the day to day running of the blog into his more than capable hands.

Geoff has a range of editorial and graphic design skills that should aid him in revitalizing the look and feel of the blog over time while also expanding it’s scope to reach a broader audience, and I am looking forward with interest to see where he takes it.

I would also like to take this opportunity to extend a special thank-you to contributer Ulric Lyons for also putting up his hand and trying to get registered to take up Admin duties after I made my health issues public – I am sure Ulric will have more to contribute concerning his planetary position material when ready to do so, and encourage him to keep working at it.

Another well deserved thank-you goes to Auditblogs founder John A for not only providing the free Auditblogs blog hosting service that made this blog possible in the first place, but in also extending his valuable time by helping get Auditblogs registration issues sorted out – anyone who wants to help John A offset his out-of-pocket costs in providing this free service can do so using the donation box at Auditblogs.

I wish Geoff all the best as the new Admin for the Landscheidt Cycles Research blog.



6 comments on “Landsheidt Blog Admin Change

  1. Carl all the best to you. Hope this doesn’t sound patronising or that its the wrong thing, but I’ve found Patrick Holford’s book Say No To Cancer very informative and the Reboundair range is very good for the lymphatic system. Also Flor Essence cheaper to make up the sachets has cured loads of people not that they are allowed to say that on the packet. Good luck to you, Ed.

  2. Carl:

    So very sorry to hear of your “aggressive cancer”.

    It might be too late, but look into Jame’s Bare’s Rife Ray device.

    An approach I feel has merit.

    God Bless and give you peace.

    Thanks for your work.

    Mark H.

  3. Your request for information on where some of Dr. Landscheidt’s papers may be found encourage this comment.

    With the approval and support of John Daly’s family, I am currently managing new version of ‘Still waiting for Greenhouse’. It will continue to grow for a while with the addition of some of John’s personal writings.

    The new website is at The original website is still being managed by Jerry Brennan and is still online at The HTML on the new site is updated, and the formatting is a little simpler. The ‘debates’ are perhaps a little easier to read. Google Site Search helps locate pretty much everything there is, but I should soon receive a disk copy of the original website made shortly after John passed away in January 2004.

    REPLY: Thanks Edwin and thanks for the link. I would encourage readers to visit the John Daly website, I think I originally found out about Landscheidt’s work from the original site before stumbling on Carl’s Blog. I will add your URL to the Blogroll.

    ps..the new John Daly site is much better for widescreen monitors.

  4. For your very aggressive cancer look into —- B17, wish you the very best, Brandon Parker

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