Smoke & Pollen

Just a quick note to let visitors to this site know that due to my state of health I will not be able to contribute much here until further notice.

During the late-winter early-spring period every year I suffer pollen allergies that effect my sinuses and lungs, and my ability to focus and concentrate my attention on things, however this year the effects are being exacerbated by the ongoing smoke from bushfires for the last month, many of which are controlled burns to reduce unusually heavy fuel loads before the hot weather arrives later in the year

My health has become quite run down by this unrelenting assault on my immune system.

All my research projects are now on hold until I can breathe more easily and regain my ability for sustained concentration – my public participation in things will be limited to occasional posts on various forums, as I think I can manage that some of the time – however I may also need to let that go for a bit if my situation deteriorates further.

UPDATE 2007-08-14:

Was looking at the new BoM Brisbane doppler radar viewer and was quite interested to see the smoke from the fires clearly imaged in the area near the radar site!

See screen capture below (colour enhanced to show detail):

Brisbane Doppler Radar 2007-08-14

Note the large coloured areas showing the smoke near the radar site, and the red dot below the first ‘e’ in Beenleigh and another above the ‘o’ in Logan showing the positions of active fires with smoke rising fast above them!

Below is the latest visible light satpic so you can see the scattered cumulous clouds also depicted as small smudges on the radar for comparision:

Brisbane Visible Satpic 2007-08-14

Due to the time it takes the satellite to scan the Earth, the time of the satpic is about 0150 utc, about 22 minutes before the radar capture.

The GFS computer model is being optimistic about 50+mm of rain here next week:

Optimistic GFS model

Let’s hope it comes off, drowns the fires, and clears the pollens from the air – but I will not hold my breath waiting – GFS often starts bullish then backs off later – we have had no rain to speak of here for about 2 months now!

Meanwhile, I’m still half-dead from smoke and pollen here!!!

My location is just SW of the lower left corner of the marker for Miami in the radar image and the air is think with a smoke haze … um … I mean thick with smoke haze 😦 … I have a headache and my eyes are watering while I’m trying to write this …

UPDATE 2007-08-18:

Relief in sight at last!

GFS is getting more bullish as the days go by:

GFS 7.5 day Australia rain forecast 20070818 00Z

BoM Satellite image shows things are looking up:

BoM Aust Satpic 20070818 0330

Sea Surface Temperature anomoly is looking good for rain to develop in coastal SE Qld with warm area along coast:

Aust SST anomoly 20080816

And the Global SST anomoly shows La Nina is probably nearly here as well with a cool tongue extending west across the equatorial Pacific from Sth America, meaning a good wet season is likely here in the coming months:

Global SST anomaly 20070816

Looking forward to some decent rain to clear out the smoke and pollen so I can breathe freely again and think more clearly, as there are things I wish to get on with!

UPDATE 2007-08-21

Rain … lots of it!

We have had several inches over the last couple of days, a 50 knot East Coast Low [sub-tropical cyclone] has developed off the coast, the bushfires have been washed out, and the pollen has all blown away!

I am starting to breathe again, and should be feeling much more healthy within a few days as my body recovers from the smoke and pollen onslaught … what more can I say? 🙂


One comment on “Smoke & Pollen

  1. Hi Carl,
    I feel sincerely sorry to learn you are suffering.

    Here in France, we have an invasive plant called “Ambroisie” which produces very potent allergens. Local authorities spend millions to cut it every year and my son at school participates in unrooting campaigns (with gloves and mask). A lot of people “know” about the alleged industrial pollution – asthma link, less know about this “natural” allergen. Maybe you have a similar problem where you are.
    Hope you’ll recover very soon, much sooner than the start of cycle 24 😉

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