Examination of Dr. Landscheidt’s Work

My intent is to work though parts of several of Dr. Landscheidt’s papers both to verify and if possible update some of his findings. My current thoughts are to start with some of his earlier work, as this is where he lays out his methods in the most detail.

This process will take some time as I have a life elsewhere, and I am a bit slow doing things anyway, so do not expect fast progress in this. Update 2007-Jun-01: As I tend to chop and change a bit, and am somewhat addicted to editing what I’ve written anyway, I may edit earlier posts at times, and will hopefully remember to indicate what I’ve changed!

Having been educated back in the ’50’s and ’60’s and not finishing my secondary school education, I am also a bit mathematically challenged, so may need some help figuring certain things out – for example, calculus was not taught until the next year higher than I went through in school – however I followed my schooling with about 2.5 years study towards being a radio technician before life intervened and I took a different direction, so I do have a background that helps me understand the nature of cycles.


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